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American Football Game Plan and Rules – An Overview

American football is a game that is not strictly played with just feet. Unlike other football games such as soccer, players can use their hands in this game.

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American Football – An Explanation

Here are some things to know about the American football game.

  • Timing

60minutes game is the basic game rule in American football. These 60minutes need not be a continuously followed game. It is divided in many subdivisions.

60minutes is divided into four different 15minutes quarters. This 15minutes game is then divided into the two halves of 12minutes, which normally ends with a 2minute warning.

  • Football Possession

The terms “who is on offense” and “whose ball is it” simply refers to the person who possesses the ball at the moment. To put it simple, the person having the ball will become the offense and the opposite team becomes the defence, and the main goal of an offense is to get the ball across the field, to the end of the defence team.

  • Scoring

Scoring in the American football game is the rule where the player in the possession of the ball should make it to the goal line of the opposite team, after tackling the players playing defence. Every time the ball reaches this goal line, the team scores a goal.

  • Penalties and Fouls

The act that is not mentioned in the gale rule or policy is considered as a foul, and a penalty is something known as a fine imposed on the player, because of the act of foul.

Once you are thorough with the game rules and regulations, you can enjoy sports betting on American football to the fullest.

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