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Know about slot games

Online slot machines can present many surprises, unlike traditional games, such as bonus stages and extra games.  Plus, you can try them for free on online site. One can find free slot online based on the most popular sports, others on the characters of your favorite movies and even on TV series, as well as those that recreate the style and sound of the more traditional ones.

 There are also those inspired by popular legends and lost civilizations, which will take you to a world of fantasy and fun.  All this, as well as with excellent animation, also with very elaborate sound effects, which include original soundtracks.

A bonus is that it can be played on both mobile and desktop.  At any time, you can easily check the game rules, the prize table, special symbols etc. as all games feature detailed information and thus you can become an expert.

Terms such as bonuses, pay lines, advancements or autopay will become part of your vocabulary in practice.

Types of free slot machines

There are many types of slot machines, ready for every gaming preference.  You have no idea how many forms they can take and in how many different ways they can thrill you.  The main characteristics that can differentiate the game are several reels, type of game and pay lines.

The number of reels

The slot symbol grid consists of horizontal and vertical lines.  The vertical lines spin and each of these is called a “roller”.  Think of the old mechanical machines, which had physical rollers that were turned by lowering the mechanical lever, by hand.  The virtual machines have the same mechanism, with the only difference being that a click of the mouse is enough to make them spin.

The number of reels can change, so we can have 3-reel games usually the classic ones, 5 reels and others with more reels, such as 7 reels.  With a few rare exceptions, most are 3 or 5 reels.

Game type

As known the classic slots, which reflect the style and sound effects of the machines of the past.  In addition to these, there are other types such as video slots with an original modern graphic and sound theme, which varies depending on the theme, fruit machines characterized by fruit in the symbols and 3D slots or with graphics three-dimensional.

Pay lines

 Pay lines are lines that connect the reels and allow you to receive prizes based on the creation of winning combinations.

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