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Live Football Betting Strategy to Make Money

Football is the most popular sport worldwide undoubtedly. Apart from watching the game, you can also make some good money betting on it. Today, there are various online gambling platforms at your disposal that you can choose from. At the same time, while you gamble on the game, it’s important to do it responsibly because it can get quite ugly for you if you are not careful.

Betting on football allows you to place your stake while the game is going on. It is referred to as live football betting and is quite a moneymaker for you. However, you must understand how to do it right.

Here are some strategies that should guide you through:

1.Watch the game

Betting live on any football match requires to have a good understanding of how the game is faring. The only way to do so is by obviously watching the game as it’s on play. While you watch, you will understand where you need to stake and which bets feature best for you. You will be enjoying your game while still thinking about what bets fit you right, and placing the bet becomes easy for you since you will not blindly do it.

Do not rush placing any bet in the first few minutes because football can get be unpredictable. Wait for at least 20 minutes into the game and place your first-half bet if need be but stake an amount that matches your prediction win so that you do not lose.

2.Do your homework on the game

Before the match starts, you need to research both teams. It allows you to understand the players who will feature in the game and what strategies the coaches will use. An understanding of the game lets you place quality bets since you can predict better.

Soccer betting(sboth) requires you to do your research properly. It will entail an in-depth look at previously played games by the two teams and how those teams have been performing during the season. Do not just assume that one team is better than the other and will be an attractive betting on opportunity for you. Football can have some big surprises for you, and if you are not careful, you will end up placing wrong bets, causing you a lot of frustration.

3.Do not overlook adjustments

In any football game, there will be adjustments done by the coaches. Since you are placing your bet while watching the game, you need to have a keen eye on these adjustments. Any strategy changes or substitutes should have you thinking about how the game will fare for the rest of the remaining time.

Overlooking or assuming these adjustments will have you placing bets directly, which is exact opposite of what you should be doing. Adjustments or changes such as a key entry of a quality striker should have you thinking about the chances of him/her scoring. If there is a red card issued to a player, think about how unstable the team is, and has a high chance of losing or getting scored easily.

4.Concentrate on few games

Some gambling fanatics will bet on more than one game for a higher win. If this is what you are looking forward to in a live bet, concentrate on only a few teams, and to be precise, two is a perfect number. Staking on many teams could be a greedy move by you, and may also lead to monetary losses.

However, concentrating on only two teams lets you watch the games perfectly while switching screens or on two devices such as your tv and phone to make your predictions. Watch the games carefully and place your bets at the right moment when you are sure you will get some returns. It’s also important that you study the live bet odds carefully and match them with how the game is playing out.

5.Understand time decay effect on odds

Time decay in live football betting means how elapse in time changes odds. While you place your bets, you must consider time an important factor in the odds on display. Before you place any bet, look at the time left before the match ends or breaks at halftime. The bets can seem quite attractive for you, yet if time is running out and you staked on a live bet, you may end up losing money.

Do not just place bets for the sake of it. Instead, get your head into the game and take time to place any bet. Look at all factors that affect the game and make your move when time is right. If you place bets when time is almost up, you may not have a cashout option available, which will allow you to at least get a percentage of what you staked.


Sports betting can be quite enjoyable when you are doing it right. As a pro or beginner, do not overlook any factors that affect the game. Bet responsibly and carefully, and winning some good cash will come easily to you.

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