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Top 10 Individual Scores In The Ashes Series In 21st Century

The “Ashes” is the name for a series of cricket games between Australia and England. Because these two countries were the first to play cricket on an international stage and because test cricket was the only way to play for a large part of the sport’s growth during this time, the games between them are full of history and tradition. Even though the two countries have been at odds for more than 140 years, their dislike for each other has not gone away. Apart from Ashes news, you can also watch ipl live news on various platforms. This post is going to look at the players who had the best individual scores in the 21st century.

  • Ricky Ponting (2006) –

The Australian team, which was led by Ricky Ponting, had the English team over for dinner. This was the first game in the series, and it was played in Brisbane. The partnership between Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke was responsible for 209 of Australia’s first-innings runs, bringing the team’s total for the inning to a shocking 602. Ponting was the first batter to score, before anyone else in the lineup. At the end of the game, it was clear that Australia had won by 277 runs. By the end of this inning, Ricky Ponting had scored 196 runs.

  • Mark Hayden (2002) –

This match also took place in Brisbane, just like the one they just talked about. Australia’s stunning victory, which they won by a score of 384 runs, decided the winner of this match. Matthew Hayden scored 300 runs in the first and second innings of the game because he played so well the whole time. The Australians batted first and scored a total of 492 runs. Hayden’s contribution to the huge century has had a big effect on this. During this time, Matthew Hayden’s average at the plate was.197.

  • Paul Collingwood (2006) –

During this game, England played against Australia first. Before the game even began, they were already behind by one goal. They were behind early on. Paul Collingwood did a great job by getting a double century. The shot was even more impressive because it had been almost 70 years since an English golfer named Wally Hammond had reached a score of 200 in Australia. England moved up to number 551 in the rankings after Collingwood’s hit. In this inning, Paul Collingwood hit at a rate of.206.

  • Steve Smith (2019) –

Steve Smith’s great form is shown by the fact that he has scored 774 runs so far in this series. At the time this game was played, the series was tied 1-1. This was the fourth game in the series. Australia’s first innings of batting led to a score of 497, which was helped by Smith’s double century. Australia won because, in the end, they had 185 runs, which was more than the other team. This was the inning in which Steve Smith scored the last of his 211 runs for his career.

  • Steve Smith (2015) –

In this series, England played at home and had already won a game against Australia there. Australia has gone back on what it said it would do. But Australia was so strong that they had full control over how this game turned out. Australia batted first and ended up with 566 runs, 200 of which were scored by Steve Smith. Australia won with a final score of 405, bringing the series to a tie. Throughout one inning, Steve Smith scored 215 runs.

Kevin Pietersen (2010) –

Even though the Ashes have been played in Australia for their whole history, England has never done very well in these games. England, on the other hand, has done well so far in this series. The first game was a tie, so England bowled first and kept Australia to 245 runs, which was enough to win the game. England’s response of 620 runs, led by Kevin Pietersen’s century and a half, put them in the lead. By an innings score, England won the game. During this part of the game, Kevin Pietersen drove in 227 runs.

  • Alastair Cook (2010) –

The 2010 Ashes series started with this match. When it was England’s turn to bat, they let Australia score 221 runs and take the lead. But after that, the English opener Alastair Cook fought back very well. He changed the game. During his career, he has been part of two teams that have scored more than 200 runs together. The first one was with his opening partner, and they scored 188 runs together. The second one was with his partner at the second wicket. Together, they scored 329 runs without losing a wicket. England stopped playing when the score was 517-1. Alastair Cook did not get out during this innings, and he ended up scoring 235 runs.

  • Stephen A. Smith, A. (2017) –

With the end of this match, the third and final test of the Ashes series for 2017–18 has been played. When England batted first in the match, they got a total of 403 runs. Australia replied with a score of 662, which was helped in no small part by Steve Smith’s century. At the end of the game, Australia won with a total score of 41 runs, which was one inning. During this time, it was Steve Smith who drove in 239 runs.

  • famous Alastair Cook (2017) –

People thought that Alastair Cook had lost his form as the end of his career got closer and closer. But he did a great job in this part of the game. Australia’s first-innings score was 327, and England’s score was 491 thanks to Cook’s double century. Australia got 327 points. His batting was a big reason why England had a lead of 164 runs, which was mostly due to his work. England could only get a tie in this game, and they went on to lose the other four games in the series. Alastair Cook had 244 runs at the end of the innings, which means he had not been out.

  • Justin Langer (2002) –

One of the Australian starters was named Justin Langer. This is the Boxing Day Test from 2002. Australia was able to bat first and get a total of 551 runs because of Langer’s two hundred. In the end, Australia won by a score of five wickets. During this period, Justin Langer got 250 runs.

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