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What is live casino and how does it work?

These days, online activities have become a lot more popular than years ago. Activities such as shopping online or entertainment in a lot of different ways, like online casinos.

When it comes to online gambling, online casinos have kept players’ attention, giving them the opportunity of playing from the comfort of their homes. A new trend is what’s called “live casino”

What is live casino?

Unlike regular online casinos in which the gambler plays against a computer and the odds are determined by a random number generator (RNG). Live casinos offer the player the opportunity to play against real dealers throughout online steaming. Everything is streamed online in HD. It allows you to chat with other players or the dealer if you have a question or for the sake of it. This makes the experience realistic making you feel like if you were in the casino for real. Making it the only real difference between a real casino and a live casino is the screen in between the player and the dealer. Live casino advantages are pretty obvious: they offer a real gaming experience while also allowing players to interact with each other and with the dealer. The odds remain the same compared to any other kind of real or online casino. It’s all about giving a unique experience to the users.

Are live casinos rigged?

In live casinos, cards are dealt by human dealers. The roulette is operated by a real person. The image is sent to the player PC in HD, with the option to change camera or angle that is used. It sometimes has the option to see the stream in slow motion.

How can you know if an online casino is trustworthy? One of the most important thing to check out if you want to be sure you’re playing on legitimate live casinos is if they have some kind of gambling license from an organization such as United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or from another well-known organization. Also, you can check out if the games have a legitimate and popular software developer such as Playtech, NetEnt, Playtech, etc. This, along with the casino audits and the camera options we discussed before, makes gambling in those sites very safe.

How do you play in live casinos?

It’s basically the same way as if you were against a computer with RNG (Random Number Generator). First you need to have some funds. Next you have to choose which game you want to play. After that, you will be taken to the game lobby where you can find betting options for that game. Next, choose a game and start playing by choosing a chip value and placing the bet by clicking the bet button.

Before playing for real money at the best live dealer online casinos, we strongly recommend learning the rules for the game you are playing in order avoid silly mistakes, and to play, at least, 20 practice rounds without betting money so you can get used to the system, plan a strategy and test the rules without losing big amounts of your money.
It is also important to set up a budget and never go over your comfort zone. If you feel comfortable betting $10 per round and all the $10 tables are full, don’t go to a $25 table. Instead you can go and play in a $5 table and play there with a higher bet.

What games are available in live casinos?

Most live casinos have Live Black Jack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat. Some of them also offer Live Three Card Poker or Live Casino Hold’em and many other games.

What happens if players lose their connection?

Nowadays this almost never happens but if it does happen, you have plenty of time to reconnect. If players cannot reconnect in time, the result would be as it was before the player lost the connection. However, with these days’ technology it’s very unlikely.

Is it possible to play live casino games in your mobile phone?

Yes, you can. Most casinos offer games that you can play in your smartphone or tablet. You just have to make sure you have a good connection.

Does the player need to download apps or any kind of software?

No, it isn’t necessary. You can play all the games in your internet browser.

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