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11 Amazing Facts About Bingo

Bingo is a simple game with non-complicated rules. Many people are enjoying playing this game in bingo halls and online sites. You might think you know everything about the game, but we are here to tell you several things you might not know. So, are you ready to learn more about bingo? This article has compiled 11 amazing facts about bingo. Check them out.

  • Chat rooms boost socialization

Online bingo sites have a feature known as the chat room that connects people. It gives the players a chance to interact over the internet. You will find chat rooms in the best UK bingo sites offering players a chance to make new friends. According to studies, more than 49% of bingo players have made new friends from these sites.

  • UK bingo cards are different from US cards

There are many things that people from the UK have in common with people from the US. However, bingo cards are not one of them. Bingo cards from the UK are different from those in the US.

  • Bingo was initially known as Beano

Interestingly, bingo was first known as “beano” before it was changed to “bingo”. The name originated from the act of covering numbers using beans.

  • Bingo cards started in the 1800s

Yes! The first bingo cards were used in the 1800s in German classes. They were used for educational purposes to help the students easily learn the multiplication table.

  • Bingo is bigger than football

Surprised? In places like the UK, bingo tickets sell more than football tickets. Every year, bingo sites make more money on bingo tickets than football events make.

  • Online bingo is popular in the UK

Online bingo is a popular activity in the UK. Actually, more than 3 million people gather daily to play bingo for leisure. Therefore, online bingo has made a huge impact on the economy over the years.

  • Online bingo uses Random Number Generator

In traditional bingo, bingo balls are used to play. However, online bingo utilizes a Random Number Generator system.

  • The most popular winning name is Margret

According to statistics, you have a high chance of winning if your name is Margaret.

  • Bingo is not for the seniors only

There is this notion most people, especially those who don’t play, have that bingo is played by older people. That’s not true. In reality, the majority of the players are below 35 years.

  • Winning the jackpot is not the main reason why people play bingo

You might think that the big prizes are the ones that entice people to play bingo, but that is not true. Actually, winning ranks fifth in the reasons why people play bingo. The fact that many people find playing bingo enjoyable is the main reason why they play the game.

  • Women are the main bingo players

According to statistics, women constitute 80% of bingo players, while 20% are men.

These are interesting facts about the bingo game. From these facts, you can swear bingo is an interesting game. It offers winning opportunities and room for socialization and interaction. Bingo has been there since the 1500s, and its development shows that it is there to stay.

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