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Few Lines on The Colourful History of Slot Machines of Thailand

Slot machines are known by various names such as poker machine, fruit machine, puggy machine. However, in most countries like Thailand it is just known as the slot. In the past, it was used as vending machines. For many decades, it is a popular kind of casino game that is loved to be played by all gamblers as it is exciting, enjoyable and easy to play. 

In the present times, online slot games like สมัคร pg slot are quite famous worldwide. All you need to do is join any reputable, trustable online casino like SlotXD, Thailand to enjoy the various slot games. The game rules aren’t complicated and there are high chances of winning money if you play right. 

More in lines about the origin of slot games:

  • Card machine: It came into existence in the late 18th century. It was originated by Sittman and Pitt who loved the card game poker. The players just need to pull the lever of the machine to spin the drums after inserting a nickel. The winners will collect money from the owner of the place. It was entertainment as well a means to get free beer as it was mainly placed in a pub.
  • Card Bell or Liberty Bell: This machine set the base design of today’s slot game gadget. It had the stagger stop, a three-reel and the automatic pay-out feature. Firstly, this device became quite famous in San Francisco which is its birth place. This machine of Charles Fey has first the design of the card in the reels. Its inventor changed the printed designs to induce such as the bells, which created more excitement among players. 
  • Electric slots or Money Honey: It was launched in the year 1963 by Bally. It was popular as it was an advanced version of Liberty Bell. 
  • Video Slots: It was developed by Walt Fraley fondly called the machine Fortune Coin. Now, you have many versions of this machine that are a huge success. Some modernised ones have a touch screen that even lures children to play and win. 
  • Online slots: No wonder, this highly advance version of a slot machine is ruling internet games.  The success journey started in the 1990s when this digital slot machine became part of the first online casino games. Many software versions introduce loads of exciting features of online slot games that keep it ranked as one of the highest played online gambling games. 

The history of slot machines is enjoyable as the device itself. 

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